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                    Weidmann Maschinenbau AG(魏德曼機械制造)成立于1943年,是機械工程行業的供應商。它于1950年開始生產自己的機械壓力機產品。從那時起,它不斷開發和補充其壓力機系列。 如今,他們提供壓力等級高達 5 噸的全系列機械壓力機。訓練有素的員工和設備齊全的機械車間也使他們能夠制造定制的壓力機,以滿足客戶的特定要求。 上海祥樹是WEIDMANN公司在中國的官方授權代理商。 ———————————————————————————————————————————————————— Weidmann arbor presses carry out any tasks involving pressing in or out, with pressures of 1.5 to 5 tonnes (depending on the type of press), they can also be used for broaching, straightening, pressing, bending, riveting, embossing or punching, and also for assembly work - particularly in the automotive and mechanical engineering industries. They are also frequently used in servicing, maintenance and repair workshops. The robust construction of Weidmann arbor presses combined with large clearance heights and long strokes make them highly adaptable in use. Our gear spline shafts are made of high-quality, case-hardened steel and the bearing points on the drive shafts are ground and pressure-lubricated. Weidmann arbor presses are distinctive because they are supremely easy to use; they need practically no maintenance and we guarantee the seamless provision of replacement parts at all times We are the only manufacturer to fit all our arbor presses with a punch retention brake mechanism for safety; this prevents the punch descending of its own accord and minimises the risk of injury. A turntable with four slots is included with every Weidmann arbor press, and our presses can be ordered with either a star or a ring handwheel. We can also supply them in custom-ised colours by request.


                    快速詢價: 021-23505249


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